We need the artwork in illustrator format for all printing output.

Yes, but best to have 300dpi minimum in resolution. Or else, the print out would be blurred or jagged.

Please ensure that all the file is outlined before sending over.

On Mac – Command + Shift + O, On Pc – Control + Shift + O

Yes, you can do so. But you need to ensure all the fonts are given, else the time might consumed during the process.


It requires 5 days or more to print, depends on how many more finishing process of your printing job.

Very unlikely for offset, as it needs to run through the typical printing process.

Yes, but not recommended as cost of printing may goes higher. Offset print is used on bulk print to achieve the cost efficiency in price.

We can run both, subject to your request.

CMYK is a combination colour of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. On another hand, Pantone colour is a spot colour that is specially mixed to achieve the vibrancy and consistency.


Yes, it is doable, again it is also subject to the finishing works of your job.

No, digital print can’t achieve the pantone colour printed in offset.

Yes, it can only be printed up to A3 size.

Depends how solid of colours on your artworks, standard 300gsm card has no issue, 350gsm max for those light visual.

Yup, a slight different. Colour in digital is more vibrant.



No, we dont if it is within klang valley.

Yes, it can be arranged but it comes with a certain delivery charges.

Yes, on special request and arrangement.